Product: Enterprise Cloud Services
Roles: Product Design, UX Design, Research & Analytics
Year: 2017-2018

Description: SkyKick is a Seattle based cloud management services provider. SkyKick offers market leading cloud integration and management tools to IT customers around the world. In my role I had to learn and understand the complex tools the customers used in order to design an experience to optimize their efficiency while providing total control and transparency into how their services were managed.


  • Reduce bounce rates and increase the registration conversion rates
  • Provide an intuitive product experience for new customers
  • Leverage data for better dashboards and journeys for returning customers

Phase: Discover


SkyKick customers included large companies like GoDaddy but the products were mainly used by IT professionals.


  • The primary and secondary registration forms had high bounce rates
  • Users were confused after registration, resulting in high churn
  • Lack of ability to message or gain actionable feedback
  • Inability to adequately track and validate UX changes


I conducted a thorough audit of the existing designs to validate problem areas.


I looked into the Google Analytics data and confirmed that the registration bounce rates where high.

Then I dove deeper into that data by using a correlation coefficient to indicate that the users who navigated directly to the site were more likely to bounce before completing registration versus those you conducted a search. This helped validate assumptions that an improved registration flow and form could result in more conversions.


I looked at the registration form patterns and practices for businesses similar to SkyKick including it's chief competitor.

Phase: Define


I used the insights from the data and user conversations in concert with the goals to formulate flows for the redesign of the new customer registration form.

User Registration

User Login

Phase: Develop


I used and contributed patterns to the SkyKick design system which is based on Bootstrap and Material design.

Phase: Deliver

Previous New Customer Registration

What We Delivered

What improved

  • Segmented form is less visually overwhelming to users
  • Branching questions funneled non-partners to sales and support
  • The new design is responsive and more flexible for localization
  • Staggering required MPN field lead to lower bounce rates

Previous Partner Registration

What We Delivered

The Previous Portal Login

What We Delivered

What improved

  • Added a clearer onboarding modal for new users
  • Contextual questions help direct users to the right place
  • Surfaced informational content based on onboarding questions

Previous Customer Dashboard

What We Delivered

What improved

  • Dashboards are powered by user activity data
  • Utilized user feedback to deliver most valuable datapoints


We were able to measure and see progress on our goals within a short period of time.


We tracked the validation and effectiveness of the new designs with HotJar using screen recordings and heat mapping. All of the research and learnings from the project were codified into an internal blog for the organization to read and learn from.