Roqo, A Health + Wellness Assistant

Product: AI Powered Chatbot
Roles: Conversational AI Developer
Year: 2021
Description: After recovering from Covid-19 in 2020 I wanted an assistant to help me keep better track of my nutrition, fitness and overall wellness. There was nothing on the market to do that so I built Roqo in early 2021. By managing and making sense of my everyday health data the bot was able to give personalized answers to my questions and helpful reminders to help me stay healthy. After prototyping different interfaces, I settled on chat as the easiest and most reliable way to have conversations with Roqo.


  • An advanced chatbot augmented by SoTA generative machine learning models
  • Accesses and parses stored data and real-time API calls
  • Adaptive conversational flows that allow it to learn new data in context


Roqo was built to understand questions on topics including nutrition, fitness, biomtetric tracking, and medications. It's connected to public and private APIs from sources like the FDA, USDA and NutritionIX. Roqo can also parse and understand fitness tracking data and medications.

The bot leverages functions and models to generate answers to thousands of unique questions, including questons that require a comparitive analysis.

Among the dozens of conversational features Roqo has, some include the ability to spontaneously send helpful reminders and to prompt the user to let it go learn new information in the context of a conversation.