AWS Event Platform

Product: Commercializable Events Platform
Roles: Sr. Product & UX Design
Year: 2018-2019
Description: AWS invites hundreds of thousands of customers from around the world to learn about its industry leading cloud services and products. These range from small, free summits to major events like reInvent where 50K people attend. Powering all of these events is a technology platform that manages attendee registrations, session management, onsite check-ins, sponsorships and more.


  • Empower event owners to create consistant event registration forms
  • Make the form building tools flexible and scalable
  • Create a simple, consistant and pain free registration experience for attendees

Phase: Discover


The Event Management Platform has a diverse range of stakeholders from the people who attend events to the people that manage them.


  • Attendees were not able to register for events easily on mobile devices
  • Events from different regions have inconsistant branding and user experiences
  • The registration experience was insecure and not fully accessible
  • Poorly designed forms lead to costly customer support escalations


I oversaw several methods of data collection and user feedback from our event attendees. This includes incentivized surveys, user interviews, and the planning of analytics for the mobile apps and websites.


Some of the research I conducted included the best practices for designing simple yet powerful form builders.


Concluding my discovery phase were a series of in person and over the phone interviews with the various stakeholders.

Phase: Define


My define phase entailed creating a series of flows that aligned with the project requirements.

Defining the stakeholder touchpoints

Defining the Event Owner flow

Defining the General Attendee flow

Phase: Develop


I lead whiteboarding sessions to gain consensus on the designs we needed to develop.


When needed I developed high fidelity wires with success and errors states.


The team leadership made the decision to use the same AWS design system as the core of many of the organization's leading cloud products.

There were trade offs in that decision but despite the creative constraints I believed we could still deliver a high quality user experience. In addition leveraging the in-house design system

  • Seamlessly supported responsiveness and localization
  • Helped us deliver accessibility compliant with WCAG 2.0
  • Allowed the team to focus on delivering higher impact features
  • Gave us the benefit of usability and research data

Above you can see the accessibility score measured by Google Lighthouse for the AWS Hong Kong Summit. If even one customer with accessibility needs can't complete and manage an event registration then we haven't delivered a good experience.

Phase: Deliver


Before our roll-out global event forms were inconsistant, insecure and provided a poor user experience.


In early 2019 we launched the first phase of our platform for the Hong Kong Summit

It additionaly supported the attendee event portal, emails and the onsite check-in kiosk

In 2020 the platform and form builder will be used to power several events

Starting with the San Francisco event in 2020

And concluding with the marquee event reInvent