Cool Colors, Cool UI

I didn’t design this Nike SkateBoard app but I wish I had because I absolutely love its use of color. Often times in the complicated process of designing apps we forget that something as simple as a smart choice in UI colors can go a long way in evoking an emotional response with the intended user. In this case skaters who these days are tastemakers, surrounded by edgy design from their gear to their street wear. I think the designers of this app nailed the visual theme needed to get their attention by mostly using a brilliant color scheme.

Smart TV Apps on the Rise

While much attention is paid to the design and development of mobile apps and for good reason, smart tv apps are starting to get some light. Until I recently worked with A+E Networks on a whole sweep of redesigns for their apps I had never paid that much attention to the design of content watching apps that run on Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast and the game consoles. As more consumers buy these products expect the UX/UI design to get a lot better.

Yahoo! King of Weather App UI

There's a lot of weather apps out there. Some good, some bad, some excellent. The UIs on these apps vary from ultra clean, Braun inspired, gamified and even ominous like Dark Sky. Yahoo just released Yahoo Weather for the iPad and I must say on a retina screen it just stunning. Besides the ultra smooth usability of the app I feel like the creative minds behind the design completely nailed it by including photography of the actual cities instead of relying on cheesy animated graphics and weather effects. On the Apple App store Yahoo Weather is currently ranked higher than major apps like Dropbox, LinkedIn, Google Earth and even everyone's favorite Fruit Ninja. That just goes to show the true power of design when combined with utility.

The Future of Retail UI

This awesome demo comes from part of PSFK's Future of Retail Report and was created by design shop +rehabstudio. While much of my focus these days is on the mobile space, I'm never too busy to stop an admire any awesome UI / UX concept.

iOS 7 Design Cheat Sheet

While I try to be impartial as a professional it's no secret that I find app design for iOS more pleasurable than design for the other platforms. If you're like me and you really like what Apple has done with iOS 7 and you also happen to design apps then you're find this Cheat Sheet to be invaluable.

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Surv App interview in Fast Company Exist

I had the pleasure of discussing the concept and motives behind Surv, my crowdsourced surveillance mapping app with FastCo's Zak Stone. Among other things we discussed how I felt that technology, especially mobile technology had a role to play in the Security vs. Privacy debate.

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Light Map of Transportation Patterns

I love the intersection of Urban Anthropology (my college major), design, data visualization and art which is exactly what this project by Schema Design is. Its purpose was to study public transportation patterns in cites including Zurich, Geneva and San Francisco. It's very inspiring to me and worth checking out.

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